Southern Californian by way of Maui, Hawaii.

I love reading, writing, and music. I come from the Asian version of the Von Trapp Family: 7 children, 2 parents, all singers—this makes family get-togethers and holidays the most fun. My faith is a large part of my life, and a large part of why I write. Removing it from any part of my content is to be dishonest. I love dogs, though I’ve never owned one—and I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love those furry friends. This year, I will be Mrs. Chadderdon—-marrying the ultimate love of my life. My Redemption Story with my now-fiancé cannot be fully appreciated without knowing what my life was like prior, so read it here:  https://iguadareadit.com/2017/05/11/divorce-unemployment-single-motherhood-the-concrete-path-that-led-to-restoration-redemption/


Enjoy this blog and please give me feedback on what kind of content you want to see!



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